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Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends

Lewis Spence

""...let us walk in the gloom of the pyramids, in the cool shadows of ruined temples, aye, through the tortuous labyrinth of the Egyptian mind itself, trusting that by virtue of the light we carry we shall succeed in unravelling to some extent the age-long enigma of this mystic land." - from Chapter 1.

Behold the Prince of Darkness! A Text on Setian Religion

Ryan Scott

Behold: The Prince of Darkness is a text discussing the religion of Setianism - based on the Ancient Egyptian God Set. Founded in 1975 after separating from the Church of Satan, Setianism has grown considerably in the past decades. Setianism is a part of the Western Left Hand Path, focusing on things such as self-deification, individuality, questioning of dogma and authority, and more. This text discusses the main beliefs of Setianism, compares Setianism to similar religions, looks at the history of Set, provides empirical evidence and logical arguments supporting Set, and looks at the role Set played in the Pyramid Texts.

Black Magic (The Crystal Tablet of Set)

Dr. Michael A. Aquino

In this text Dr. Michael A. Aquino discusses his view of the Black Magical Universe. This can also be found within Temple of Set v. I.

Black Runa

Dr. Stephen E. Flowers

A "secret text" from the Temple of Set's "Order of the Trapezoid", this book discusses the mysteries of the Trapezoid and Graal, the nature of Odin in the Left Hand Path and his relationship with Set, technology based magic, and German occultism including the Nazis.

Book Four

Aleister Crowley

A good book for giving the basics on meditation as well as ceremonial magic. Very traditional and Solar based, but worth the read, especially Part I.

Bible of the Adversary, The

Michael W. Ford

Ford writes a great many things, but this stands out with its use of an Ahriman based Left Hand Path system out of Persia. This is a very unique view thus far in the modern LHP, and is worth looking into. The rituals are quite bizarre in a positive way, but beware of the editing mistakes throughout.

Book of the Law, The

Aleister Crowley

A must read for anyone even slightly interested in the Western Esoteric Tradition. It cannot be overstated how fundamental this text is to understanding much of esoteric thought in the 20th and 21st century.

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley

Depicts the decay of a society into a state of soulless fulfillment of want over Will, and demonstrates the dangers of a lack of Will.

Bull of Ombos: Sethian Egyptian Magick II, The

Mogg Morgan

There is a of historical information on Set, Naqada, early writing and cultural development, etc. Covers in depth the religious burial practices of Egypt before it was even truly Egypt, and traces the Cult of Set far into pre-history.

The Church of Satan, The

Dr. Michael A. Aquino

A first-hand account of the early Church of Satan 1969 - 1975 c.e. by Dr. Michael A. Aquino, an original member of the Priesthood of Mendes III* and Magister Templi IV* of the CoS.

Condensed Chaos

Phil Hine

Magic is about change. Magic leads us into exhilaration and ecstasy; into insight and understanding; into changing ourselves and the world in which we participate. Through Magic we may come to explore the possibilities of Freedom, real world change, and dynamic Self-transformation.

Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia

Daniel Harms

A very thorough encyclopedia on the beings of Lovecraft and those who continued his work. Great for those inspired by Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction, as well as the Dreamworld tales.

Dark Lord, The

Peter Levenda

A thorough look into the works and ideas of Kenneth Grant and his Typhonian Tradition. Grant is extremely hard to read most of the time, and this text is of great - if sometimes awkward - depth. Also contains one of the most fascinating looks at The Book of the Law and what is contained within. Delves into the early Egyptian Setian ideology and stellar symbolism.

Devil's Party, The

Per Faxneld and Jesper Aa. Petersen

A fantastic academic work, and each article is from a different author, lending a wider perspective. Part one covers early Satanism in Scandinavia. The next parts discuss LaVey, the Church of Satan, and has about six chapters dedicated to these topics. The final part of the book discusses Setianism, Luciferianism, and the Sinister Tradition.

Esoteric Egypt: The Sacred Science of the Land of Khem

J. S. Gordon

Overwhelming, and at times rather questionable as a factual work, this is nonetheless and interesting look at how the Egyptians viewed the starry night sky all religions arose from.

Find Far

Dr. Michael A. Aquino

The final book of his trilogy, it wraps up the ideas brought together in Mindwar and Mindstar.

Fire and Ice

Dr. Stephen E. Flowers

This text is likely the most thorough, English work on the Brotherhood of Saturn. This German order mixed the Thelema of Crowley with a darker, Luciferian usage of the symbolism of Saturn.

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Gods of the Egyptians, The

E.A. Wallis Budge

By far the most useful book covering the gods of ancient Egypt is this book by Dr. Budge of the British Museum, one of the foremost Egyptologists of the 20th century.

Gödel’s Proof

Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman

A full, indepth look at Godel’s philosophy of mathematics, its implications, and an explanation for how it all works. Even though this is intended for all to read, it is extraordinarily dense unless one has a grasp of both mathematics and logic.

Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, The

Godwin, Chanel, and Deveney

Before the Typhonian Tradition, before Thelema, before Theosophy, there was the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor. Rarely known about in most occult circles, this work contains thorough background information, internal letters, rituals, literally everything you could ever want from the order that started it all.

Hermetic Magic: The Postmodern Magical Papyrus of Abaris

Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers.

The technical formulas of the Hermetic tradition of magic have been well documented, but they are barely known to the community of modern magicians. Authentic Hermetic formulas concealed in the magical papyri of Egypt have great potency, representing the first known attempt to forge many traditions of magic into a unified system. In Hermetic Magic, Flowers reveals the secrets of this "down-to-earth" form of magic that originated some 1500 to 2000 years ago.

Hidden Lore

Kenneth Grant and Steffi Grant

Grant is well known for being obscure and hard to understand. However, in Hidden Lore he clearly and lucidly lays out his opinion on many subjects - from Crowley and the GD to Stellar religion, Spare to John Dee.

History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil

Paul Carus

This book is dated and biased, but it is a very interesting read into how The Devil evolved over time. The reader must be cautious of Carus' outdated views and ideas, but in the end the vigilant reader should thoroughly enjoy it.

Images of Set

Joan Ann Lansberry

A massive collection of images of Set, along with background information on those images. Beautiful and enlightening.

In Pursuit of Satan: the Police and the Occult

Robert D. Hicks

Outdated, being from 1991, this book is a VERY in-depth look into how the police were treating Satanism and crime during the Satanic Panic. Almost an overwhelming amount of information, it looks at the Panic from pretty much each factor that was relevant to the occurrence. Zeena LaVey actually worked with Hicks on the writing of this book.

Invention of Satanism, The

Dyrendal, Lewis, and Petersen

This book, and its amazing authors, have filled the much needed role of providing unbiased, outsider, academic information into Satanism. This text contains statistics from three repeated surveys on every facet of Satanism imaginable. It looks into the history of modern Satanism, works to define it objectively, and give a clear view of the various forms of Satanism.


Michael Sandel

One of the best philosophers of justice to ever live discusses most common justice systems at level that, while deep and thorough, can be understood by any interested reader.

King in Yellow, The

Robert W. Chambers

Or more specifically, the first four stories of Chamber's classic work. A work of early, pre-Lovecraftian weird fiction, the King in Yellow tells an esoteric tale about a cursed play, and a King beyond comprehension.

Lords of the Left Hand Path

Dr. Stephen E. Flowers

This book is one of the few, if not only, works that cover the Left Hand Path from is pre-historic birth to modern day. While many of the early chapters are disappointingly short, the book makes up for it in its discussion of the modern LHP.

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Morning of the Magicians, The

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier

An interesting account of some of the more obscure myths and legends of the occult world and realms of the Black Arts.


Dr. Michael A. Aquino

Not much more needs to be said: this text gives the full explanation of Dr. Aquino’s metaphysical worldview from the man himself.


Dr. Michael A. Aquino

Here Dr. Aquino proposes a method of war that would not require any bloodshed, a term he called Mindwar. This is his flushed out proposal for the United States to implement his Mindwar program.

Mysteries of the Temple of Set

Don Webb

A straight forward book where Don Webb, former High Priest of the Temple of Set, discusses the metaphysics of Setianism. The second half of the book is filled with essays written by Don Webb and originally published internally in the Temple.

Overthrowing the Old Gods

Don Webb and Dr. Michael A. Aquino

This book contains Dr. Michael A. Aquino's commentary on the Book of the Law, as well as Don Webb's commentary. Also contains several essays by Don Webb.

Paradise Reconsidered: A Study of the Ophite Myth and Ritual and Their Relationship to Sethianism

Tuomas Rasimus

This is the Ophite equivalent of Seth: God of Confusion. A deep look into the varying Ophite myths and types of Gnosticism, as well as Sethian Gnosticism which heavily inspires modern usage of Cain.

Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience

M. R. Bennett and P.M.S. Hacker.

“A critique of the practice of cognitive neuroscience..”. A Chinese edition of it is available here.

Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution, The

P.D. Ouspensky

Ouspensky describes how a man must work simultaneously on his knowledge and his being to find his inner divinity. And why although his development depends on his own efforts, this is very difficult to achieve without guidance from a "School".

Pyramid Texts, The

The Ancient Egyptians

The oldest known religious scripture, The Pyramid Texts are a beautiful mess of amazing, contradictory symbolism. Written during the fall of Set and rise of Osiris, this gives the best look into the early Egyptian religions, especially that of the Setian afterlife revolving around the circumpolar stars. Complete hieroglyphic versions are available here.

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Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt, The

Rosemary Clark

A massive text discussing all aspects of Egyptian metaphysics and ritual.

Satanic Rituals, The

Anton Szandor LaVey

Anton LaVey's best and most intriguing work of the rites and ceremonies of the 1966-1975 Church of Satan. Which includes "Le Messe Noir" (Black Mass) and "Die Elektrischen Vorspiele". It also has, chapters "The Metaphysics of Lovecraft", "The Ceremony of the Nine Angles", "The Call to Cthulhu", and "The Satanic Baptism - Adult Rite", which were ghost written by Dr. Michael A. Aquino.

Serpent in the Sky

John Anthony West

Perhaps the most understandable and straightforward look into the mathematical-religion of the Pythagoreans.

Set the Outsider

Judith Page and Don Webb

An extensive collection of academic quality essays related to the god Set. While mostly written by Page and Webb, there are essays from other authors as well. It also includes some fantastic drawings and art by Page.

Seth: God of Confusion

H. Te Velde

The Magnum Opus of academic works on Set, this is a must read for understanding early Egyptian beliefs, as well as the evolution and eventual demonization of Set. It cannot be overstated how important and profound this work is.

Seven Faces of Darkness, The: Practicle Typhonian Magic

Don Webb

This is one of the best academic works to come out of the ToS. It looks mainly at the Coptic texts from during and after the official fall of the Egyptian empires. Ritualistic magician will be thrilled to find a great number of workable formula in the text as well.

Sinister Tradition, The

Order of Nine Angles

The O.S. is not affiliated with the ONA, nor does it condone their ideology or supposed actions. Nevertheless, this text gives a straightforward insight into ONA metaphysics, and should clearly also show the massive downsides of their ideology. The uniqueness of this text simply cannot be ignored for the scholarly minded, nor can the depth of the ideology.

Sky-Religion in Egypt: Its Antiquity and Effect, The

G.A. Wainwright

This looks at the sky-religions of prehistoric, predynastic Egypt. It is an extremely challenging read, very dated and highly, old-school academic. Still, there is much wisdom to be found.

Stairway to Heaven

Peter Levenda

This text looks into the book of Ezekiel and his vision, his ascension on a chariot to heaven. It ties the myth to the circumpolar stars, and discusses the ascension myths of various traditions in great depth.

Tablets of Set, The

The Temple of Set

These are thousands of pages from inner Temple of Set works given to initiates.

Temple In Man, The: Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man

R.A. Schwaller de Lubics

The human being embodied in the geometry of the temple's architecture is Pharaoh, symbolic of the Perfect Man. In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh represented the final stage of man's Evolution.

Temple of Set v. I and II

Dr. Michael A. Aquino

Volume I gives a full history of the formation of the Temple, as well as much of the metaphysics it is based on. Volume II is where the book really shines, containing many important works like The Diabolicon, as well as inner Temple essays and information from each of the Temple's internal Orders.

Thoth: A History of the Ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom

Lesley Jackson

A complete look into the Form of Knowledge


Alan Moore

It's hard to talk much about Watchmen without having read or watched it. It brings to life so many aspects of philosophy and psychology that you would think it was an academic work rather than a comic. Who Watches the Watchmen? This comic is perhaps the best answer to the question ever provided.

Weird, The

Ann and Jeff Vandermeer

A fantastic compilation of weird fiction tales from authors you’ve probably never heard of.

Why Materialism is Baloney

Dr. Bernardo Kastrup

While Kastrup tends to be condescending, and in the end fails to make a point for idealism, the first chapters discussing and dismissing materialism are absolutely invaluable. More of his books and whitepapers can be found here.

Works of H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft

From cosmic horror to ancient Dreamlands, Lovecraft was an accidental master of occult ideology, philosophy, and symbolism. Infinitely inspiring, endlessly entertaining, it will soon become clear why this racist, closed minded materialist is in this library.

Witch Book, The: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-Paganism

Raymond Bucklan

While a more light-based and fluffy text, this is a massive work with overwhelming amounts of accurate information. It makes for a fine reference book!


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Batman v. Superman: Ultimate Edition

Imagine sitting at a reading of the Iliad, seeing a play at the Globe, or attending a ceremony in an Ancient Egyptian temple. This is the modern version, a perfect take on ancient mythology. Widely hated for its "Christian symbolism," those familiar with esotericism will be well aware that solar ideology goes far beyond Christ. Man vs. God, ascension, ancient superhuman beings, Batman v. Superman is one of the finest movies the lover of mythology could ever hope to see.

Big Fish

This story is the perfect illustration of how individual human beings become mythological characters. More specifically, it is a beautiful ode to ancestor worship.

Black Swan

Dark and sexual, Black Swan is a look into a breaking psyche. Filled with wonderful visuals and audio, it is a well-directed and well-acted look into the dark capabilities of the human mind.

Cure for Wellness, A

Less Shutter Island and more Dracula/Phantom of the Opera, A Cure for Wellness is a visually stunning weird fiction film filled with occult symbolism and movie homage. What gives us the right to stand above others, what makes us superior? Are we all sick at heart, do we need to be cleansed? These are only the most overt themes running through this deep and shocking psychological horror.

Dangerous Method, A

A surprisingly authentic drama-documentary about the relationship between Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

Europa Report

A gritty sci-fi drama about a manned mission to find life on the moon of Europa.

Fight Club

Generally seen as an anarchist movie about men fighting, Fight Club is a genius film about how easy it is to get sucked into a mindless, fascist cult of terrorists. One can't help but notice how much more relevant this movie becomes with the recruitment by groups like the Islamic State.

G - L

Gods of Egypt

Forget what the critics say, this a fantasy movie where Egypt is real, right down to flat earths and giants chaos demons. Inevitably the movie was an Osiris myth tale, and a much more westernized one at that, but it is still glorious to behold. There is a surprising amount of accurate information in the story, not to mention it is fun and looks beautiful.

Invitation, The

Old friends unite only to find that their hosts have joined into some sort of cult. As one damaged character stumbles throughout the house, it is never certain if he is crazy, or the only sane one.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The

Ironically J.R.R. Tolkien was catholic, and the symbolism exists throughout LotR. But a story of men rising above a God-like being, who rules mindless sheep with an iron fist, cannot help but be compared to Luciferian ideology. With the help of magical beings, human kind is able to take control of Middle Earth from tyrants.

M - R


Based on the idea that modern medias runs off blood and fear, Nightcrawler is an uncomforting look into a man willing to do anything to catch the most horrifying news stories for the highest fee.

Nightlistener, The

A Hitchcock-ian thriller, straightforward and chilling, looks into the masks people wear to reach the ends they desire. Nightlistener ends up being almost horror in nature when the true possibility of such events strikes home.

Ninth Gate, The

Starring Johnny Depp and Directed by Roman Polanski (Rosemary's Baby), this is about a rare book collector hunting for a book supposedly authored by the Devil himself entitled "The Book of the Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows" which holds the key to divinity.

Nocturnal Animals

A story of Greater Black Magic, the completion of a Magnum Opus, with fantastic psychological themes laying underneath. Nocturnal Animals describes a massive work of greater magic on the part of its author, and shows the objective effects such magic can have. A must watch.

Number 23, The

Numerology, obsession, and fate, The Number 23 may fall short in its second half, but is nonetheless a fantastic journey into the human mind and one's nature.

Phantom of the Opera

While a musical may not be for everyone, viewing will eliminate any need to explain why this is in the O.S. library.


A war with god, the hypocrisy of far-right Christian values, the need to seek backstory indirectly through vague hints, this is a dark look into what length people would go to for their children, and the minds of those who hunt such criminals.

Requiem for a Dream

Besides being brilliantly made, Requiem for a Dream is an intense, disturbing look into the use and abuse of drugs and relationships. Unrelenting in its discussion of actions and their consequences, Requiem for a Dream may not be for the queasy, but its impact cannot go unnoticed.

S - Z

Shutter Island

Psyops, early psychology and psychopharmacology, the criminal mind - Shutter Island is a thoroughly enjoyable look into what lengths the human mind will go to when pressed to its limits.

Star Wars

The tale of Darth Vader is the greatest myth of our modern times, one that has shifted the cultures of the world.

True Detective Season 1

While a show and not a movie, Season 1 of True Detective is a dark piece of weird fiction based on The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers.


As with the book, the movie goes into less detail but stays true to the book and vastly improves on the ending. The movie still makes all the same points as the book and discusses the same ideology, but is simply limited to its already long 3 hour run time.

Watchmen Ultimate Cut

Unlike other copies, this version of the movie includes the comic-within-a-comic, which ties into the stories ending. This is the definitive way to view Watchmen, and the definitive movie of all time period to a certain member!


Based on the work of Robert Graysmith, this is more a look into the obsession put into hunting the Zodiac killer than the infamous killer himself.


(All Podcasts listed here can be found free on iTunes)

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Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

This guy is weird, and you only can hear half his sessions for free. That said, I like his rambling, and there are some good segments there. Special mentions: Jesus Mything in Action; Finding the Demiurge in the Bible; Dualism Syncretism Mysticism…; Finding Gnosis in Longlines and Contemplation.

Daimonosophy 2.0

A Temple of Set podcast from the Order of Beelzebub. Special mentions: Interview with Dr. Michael A. Aquino.

Hermetic Hour, The

Fantastic hour long rambles from Poke Runyon, founder of the OTA. Special mentions: his 10 episode series on each sphere of the Tree of Life (he also has an episode on each path as well); Dashwood’s Hellfire Club; Lucifer Princeps; Fallen Angels in the Hermetic Tradition; “Devil You Say” Satanism Then and Now; Nazi Occultism Then and Now; Lovecraft and Magick in Colonial America; Was there a Palladian-Luciferian Sex Cult; Kenneth Grant, Austin Osman Spare, and H.P. Lovecraft ; Gateway to the Abyss – The Eleven Sphere Tree.

Higherside Chats, The

Perhaps a bit on the conspiracy side, but fun nonetheless, and interesting which is even better. Special mentions: Sexuality, Oppression, and the Occult; Nazi Occultism, Deep State Magic, and the Nine; Peter Levenda on Sinister Forces, Occult History and the Nine; The Knights Templar, Baphomet, and the Alchemy of Finance; Peter Levenda on Lovecraft, the Yezidi, and Middle Eastern Magic.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, The

This ambitious podcast from LMU in Germany speaks for itself. Every philosophy throughout the world is touched upon in some manner. Initially it had seemed that there was an obvious gap in its chronology when it began with Thales. But it's coming back full circle by exploring Indian Philosophy and Ancient Egypt in the History of Indian and Africana Philosophy.

KHPR: The Voice of Darkness

While not very active, this is the most popular and well known podcast channel for the Temple of Set. Special mentions: The Order of the Trapezoid; Interview with Magister Hardy; Regarding Oneself and the Cosmos – Rational Ethics as the Guide to Well-Being; Don Webb; Philosophy as an Initiatory Path; Dr. Stephen Flowers on Runa.

Occult of Personality

A very scattered podcast that has some hidden gems. Special mentions: Interview with Michael Bertiaux; Cinema Symbolism; The Way of the Templar.

Philosophy Bites

Very short little discussions on topics within philosophy from an expert in the relevant field. Special mentions: Free Will and Punishment; Philosophy and Physics; Aims of Education; What It Is to be Conscious; Descartes on Innate Knowledge; Mind and Morality; Neuroscience and Free Will; John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice; Skepticism.

Rune Soup

A fantastic and to the point podcast serious with many interesting episodes. Special mentions: Talking Hellenistic Astrology; Peter Levenda Talking Lovecraft; Peter Levenda Talking Geopolotics and Spirits; Talking Babalon; Tolkien and Jung; Astrology and Star Lore; Talking Lucifer.

Steve Warner’s Dark City

Special Mentions (more pending): PhD on Serial Killer Psychology; Dr. Michael A. Aquino on psyops, Satanism & Ritual Abuse Scandals.

Temple of Babalon

A small group that has several decent podcasts out. Special mentions: The Phoenix and Nightside Astrology; Thelema – Romance of the Magical Orders, Kenneth Grant and the Witches Sabbath.